Asia, Australasia & Pacific Islands Directorate

The directorate covers China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Brunei. In addition to the above the directorate covers topical areas including TICAD, FOCAC, India/Africa Issues.

To advance Kenya’s national interests within Asia and Australasia region.

Mission statement
To advance and safeguard Kenya’s strategic political, economic, and trade interests in Asia and Australasia region with a view to supporting sustainable growth and development, while remaining customer oriented.


  • Promotion of bilateral relations between Kenya and countries within Asia and Australasia, including implementation of joint commissions for co-operation.
  • Analysis of emerging issues within Asia and Australasia and their impact on Kenya’s foreign policy.
  • Coordination of Kenya’s participation in multilateral engagement with Asia and Australasia countries including ASEAN.
  • Co-ordination of the activities of Kenya missions within Asia and Australasia
  • Co-ordination of the political aspects of Africa strategic partnerships with China, India, Korea and Japan and preparing political briefs, reports and statements.

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote and project Kenya’s image and prestige in Asia and Australasia.
  • To promote Kenya-Asian political and economic cooperation.
  • To promote and protect the interests of Kenyans in Asia and Australasia.