International Jobs

Comprehensive Nuclear-Test -Nan Treaty (CTBTO)

  1. Chief Procurement Section
  2. Various

United Nations  Careers

  1. Director Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP) D1 :DD: 20th June 2016
  2. Director, Social Development Divison D1: DD: 20th June 2016
  3. Head, Asian and Pacific Center for Transfer of Technology , P5:DD: 19th June 2016
  4. Head, Center foe Sustainable Agriculture Mechanization, P5 :DD:19th June 2016


  1. Director, Budget and Finance, P5
  2. Director, Infrastructure and Logistics, P5
  3. Translator, English- French, P3

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

  1. Web developer, P3 : DD:20th June 2016
  2. Radio Communication Engineer, P3 :DD 6th June 2016
  3. Head, ITU Liason Office to the United  Nations, P5: DD: 7th June 2016
  4. Executive Manager, DD: 6th June 2016