CS Amina Mohamed Launches Treaties Weblink

In compliance with Constitution which requires all ratified treaties form part of the Laws of Kenya, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has on Friday launched the Registrar of Treaties Database and Web Link that can be accessed through the Ministry’s Website.

Speaking during the Launch, CS Mohamed said that the Ministry has established an office of the Registrar of Treaties, to act as a depository of all treaties that Kenya has signed, ratified and acceded to.

“The registrar is also required to maintain online soft copies of the treaties,” said CS Mohammed, adding that “this will greatly enhance public access to information as well as facilitate public accessibility and awareness of the treaties.”

CS Mohammed said at the regional level, the web link will promote regional cooperation and integration by sharing information on Kenya’s International obligations.

“The website is active and unrestricted and can be accessed using internet enabled devices,” said CS.

She said the Ministry will endeavour to provide any information that Kenyans would require. The Web link will be regularly updated to ensure that information provided is current, accurate and reliable.

The creation of the Web Link has been a joint effort with other Ministries and Agencies.  This will reduce duplication, save resources and allow better planning of the functions of the office.

Kenya has over the years since independence signed, ratified and acceded to various international treaties and conventions.