PS Monica Juma Inaugurates Kenya Havana Mission, Cuba

On Friday September 16, 2016  Principal Secretary Amb. Monica Juma inaugurated the Kenya Embassy in Havana Cuba.

This is the second Kenyan Embassy in Latin America and the first in the Caribbean. The decision to open the Embassy in Cuba is informed by the shared collaboration interests under the South – South Cooperation which provides for exchange of ideas, technology, trade & investments; the fight against organized transnational crimes, radicalism and extremism among others.

Since establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries in 2001 when Cuba opened a resident mission in Nairobi,  43 Kenyan students have benefited from Cuban government scholarship for studies in various fields including medicine, agriculture and engineering.

Kenya looks forward for more of these benefits in the area of training of doctors, exchange of experiences especially in medical and veterinary sciences. Cubans are keen on establishing pharmaceutical research and manufacturing facilities in Kenya. In particularly they are keen on collaborating with Kenya on Malaria research in western Kenya and vector control.

It is important to note that Cuba has made advances in research, pharmaceutical development and treatment of cancer and diabetes with a more than 90% treatment efficacy.

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