Dear Kenyans,

  • To date, 1,619,073 have tested positive for the Covid 19 virus globally. Global deaths stand at 96,966.
  • Today, we mark our 30th day of collaborative concerted efforts between the National Government and many actors, to stop the spread of the virus.
  • Indeed, our ways of life have changed drastically. In ordinary times, today, being Good Friday, would be that special day in our Christian calendar, when we congregate in our Churches and homes with families and friends. But this Easter period is different.
  • Because of our current circumstances, we requested you to pray and reflect in the confines of your homes.
  • Let us remember our frontline heroes at a time like now: medical staff and health workers, our diligent scientists and researchers and our volunteers.
  • Let us pray for our Nation, so that we may get it right, and put this behind us.
  • Despite mobile money operators facilitating the ease of doing e-transactions, we have noted with concern that people continue to disregard this advice. Once again, I am asking you to take all measures to avoid exchanging notes and coins. Physical money presents surfaces that can very easily be contaminated with the virus. Avoid it.
  • All of us are advised to properly dispose the face masks to avoid contamination in line with the protocol.
  • We continue to enhance our capacity and capability within our health facilities to combat this disease. To date, over 100,000 healthcare workers have been given COVID-19 related training. Over 4000 doctors across the country have benefitted from an e-based training on the same. We are enhancing testing and diagnostic capabilities. We are now able to undertake an average of 600 tests a day. This number will be scaled up in the coming days.
  • To enhance our readiness at the Counties, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Kenya Power & Lighting Company will fast track connection of 3-phase power to our various County Facilities, so that they can fully utilize medical equipment, to effectively manage COVID-19 patients.
  • Fellow Kenyans, since our last briefing yesterday, we now managed to test 504 Out of this number, five (5) have tested positive for Coronavirus disease. This now brings to 189 the number of confirmed cases in the country.
  • They are all Kenyan Nationals; and only one (1) of them has a history of travel from UAE. Three (3) of the cases are in Mombasa while Nairobi and Nyandarua have one (1) each.
  • One (1) of the cases came from our mandatory quarantine facilities, while the rest- four (4) were picked by our surveillance teams. The five (5) are aged between 27 years and 58 Two (2) are males and three (3) females.
  • 10 additional individuals will be discharged from our Mbagathi COVID-19 Isolation Facility today. The individuals have tested negative twice for COVID-19 disease. To date, 22 individuals have recovered from the disease.
  • As of today, a total of 2,054 contacts have been monitored, 1,481 have been cleared from the follow up program and 573 remain in our monitoring program. To date, a total of 6,192 samples have been tested.

I thank you.