President Kenyatta Launches Strategy on Countering Violent Extremism


‘I am happy to launch the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism. This is an articulation of our country’s prevention efforts against terrorism and violent extremism.

Throughout the world, violent extremists are on the march. Their fanatical ideologies and savage violence threatens democracy, constitutional rule, and economic development. They reject a social and political fabric anchored in the principles of pluralism, equality, respect for the rights of women, and freedom of religion.

In their quest to change the course of humanity, they have committed unspeakable atrocities, murdering tens of thousands of innocent people on every continent, imposing a state of terror on populations within their control, and even re-instituting the evil practice of enslavement in the twenty-first century.

The world’s security agencies, multilateral institutions, and the overwhelming bulk of civil society stand against them. In every continent, armies and police forces are fighting them.

Yet, as important as the conventional means of security are in protecting citizens and states, they are insufficient to fight a war not only against the wanton destruction of innocent lives and property, but also against the insidious spread of an ideology of evil.

In response, my administration has launched an unprecedented multi-agency security operation. Investments have been made in technology, skills, and innovating new approaches to countering terrorism.

This has resulted in a sharp increase in operational tempo, coordination and equipment aimed at detecting, deterring and disrupting the activities of terrorists.

We are adding prevention and counter radicalization to those more traditional security approaches. This national CVE strategy will rally all parts of government, communities, civil society, the private sector and international partners.

One of the crucial tasks being built on this strategy is the disengagement and rehabilitation of returning foreign terrorist fighters who completely disavow the use of violence and any adherence to the ideology and aims of terrorist groups. I wish here to commend Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaisserry for his pioneering role in prevention and returnee reintegration efforts. The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government will be a primary implementation vehicle for this strategy.

The focal point and coordinating point for the strategy in my office will be the National Counter Terrorism Centre. To ensure the proper synergies between its efforts and its regional and global counterparts, I am announcing Ambassador Martin Kimani, as Special Envoy for Countering Violent Extremism.

Together, in coordinated fashion, we must as a people drain the swamp of violent extremism and deny it room to radicalize Kenyans.

I am confident that this strategy is a critical step in protecting and advancing the liberty and prosperity of our people. Its lessons will be visible to all, and I look forward to their being shared with the region and the world as we look to build a just and peaceful international order.’

Thank you.