Kenya is committed to maintain the valuable traditional relations with countries of the Americas. In addition the emergence of several countries in this region calls for increased attention on the Americas.

The functions of the Department are: promotion of bilateral relations with countries within the Americas region, including implementation of Joint Commissions for Co-operation; coordination of Kenya’s engagement with regional organisations in the Americas; analysis of emerging issues within the Americas and their impact on Kenya’s Foreign Policy; co-ordination of the political aspects of the partnership between Africa and Brazil; preparing political briefs, reports and statements and coordination of the activities of Kenya Diplomatic Missions within the Americas.

Kenya has the following fully-fledged missions in the Americas Region: Brasilia-Brazil, New York-United Nations, Ottawa-Canada, Washington DC-United States of America, Los Angeles (Consulate) and Havana, Cuba.

The Directorate’s mission is to pursue political and socio-economic advancement for national benefit; through effective Diplomatic engagement with the following countries/organisations in the Americas region: U.S.A., Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Bahamas, St. Vincent & Grenada, Guyana, French Guyana, Suriname, Grenada, Haiti, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Jamaica, Belize, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, GRULAC (Group of Latin & Caribbean States), Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), Organization of American States (OAS), and Caribbean Community & Common Market (CARICOM).

Our activities include:-

  • Liaising with Kenya missions/Honorary Consulates in the Americas region;
  • Liaising and coordinating bilateral activities between Missions accredited in Nairobi and Government/Public institutions;
  • Facilitating and concluding Joint Commissions of Cooperation (JCCs);
  • Monitoring and implementing MOUs/Agreements within the Americas Region;
  • Facilitating State and other official visits including bench-marking missions to and from the Americas Region;
  • Among others.


  1. Kenya Embassy, Washington D.C. – accredited to Mexico;
  2. The Kenya Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York;
  3. Kenya Consulate General in Los Angeles;
  4. Kenya High Commission, Ottawa, (also a Honorary Consulate in Vancouver);
  5. Kenya Embassy, Brazil – accredited to Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia;
  6. Kenya Embassy in Havana, Cuba.

Plans are underway to establish a resident Mission in Havana, Cuba and appoint Honorary Consuls in the following regions:-

  1. USA–Boston, Massachusetts; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Seattle, Washington.
  2. Argentina–Buenos Aires
  3. Chile–Santiago
  4. Mexico–Mexico City
  5. Venezuela–Caracas
  6. Colombia–Bogota
  7. Trinidad and Tobago–Port of Spain