Office of the Great Lakes Region

The Office of the Great Lakes Region was established as a Directorate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in accordance with Article 27 of the Pact on Security, Stability and Development in the Great Lakes Region. The pact was signed in 2006 by 11 member states of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR). Kenya as one of the members of the ICGLR is required to establish a National Coordination Mechanism to facilitate the implementation of the pact. The National Coordination Mechanism (NCM) is a coordinating, facilitating and monitoring body of the ICGLR process at the national level.

The functions of the Office include;

  • Ensuring the implementation of the decisions of the ICGLR Summit and the Regional Inter-Ministerial Committee (RIMC) at the national level;
  • Ensuring implementation of the ICGLR Pact and execution of the programs of action, projects and protocols at the national level;
  • Organizing and presiding over meetings of the National Committees (NCs) and other structures and forums at the national level;
  • Coordinating and Cooperating with ICGLR partners;
  • Requesting relevant National Committees or Forums to address or investigate any particular matter;
  • Mobilizing funds and other resources from government and partners at national level to ensure that the pact and its related protocols are implemented;
  • Recommending or nominating candidates for senior positions at ICGLR secretariat and other ICGLR satellite offices
  • Sharing progress reports with the ICGLR secretariat on the implementation of the pact;
  • Disseminating information on ICGLR matters to stakeholders and mobilizing them e.g. Members of Parliament, Permanent Secretaries, International Donor Community, Journalists/Media, Civil Society Organizations, Women, Private Sector, Youth, and others;
  • Initiating domestication of the ICGLR Protocols contained in the Pact;
  • Networking with other Member States’ National Coordination Mechanisms and the Executive Secretariat of the ICGLR;
  • Providing Analytical/technical Reports, government position papers and briefs on issues under ICGLR to stakeholder institutions/partners
  • Representing Kenya in all regional meetings of the ICGLR

The office is currently headed by Amb. Z.  Muburi-Muita.


Our contacts are:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Office of the Great Lakes Region

Teleposta Towers, 22nd floor, Wing B

P.O Box 30551 Nairobi

Tel; +254 20 318888 ext 117