Political Diplomatic Secretary

The office, headed by the the Political and Diplomatic Secretary (PDS) is responsible for providing foreign policy advice. The specific functions of this office are:

  • Formulation, implementation and review of the Kenya’s Foreign Policy;
  • Provision of technical advice on foreign policy matters;
  • Management of bilateral/multilateral relations;
  • Promotion of Kenya’s cooperation with international and regional organizations;
  • Management of joint commissions with other countries;
  • Official communications between the Government of Kenya and foreign Governments, missions and organizations;
  • Articulation of Kenya’s position on foreign and global issues;
  • Formulation , implementation and review of the Kenya Diaspora Policy, management of the affairs of Kenyans living abroad;
  • Promotion of employment of Kenyans abroad;
  • Coordination and management of Kenya labour Migration;
  • Lobbying for Kenya’s candidature in the international governance system;
  • Coordination of regional conflict prevention,resolution and peace initiatives;
  • Promotion of Nairobi as a hub for multilateral diplomacy;
  • Management of the Fund for Regional Technical Cooperation;
  • Preparation of political reports;
  • Policy analysis & research on issues of interests to Kenya’s Foreign Policy;
  • Diaspora engagement and provision of consular services for Kenyans abroad.

The office oversees  the following Divisions/Directorates; Americas , Asia , Austratlasia & Pacific, Europe & Commonwealth, Middle East Affairs, United Nations and Multilateral affairs,Economic Affairs and Commercial Diplomacy, Peace & Security, East Africa Community Affairs,Diaspora and Consular services, Legal and Host country affairs, Office of Registrar of Treaties, Office of the Great Lakes region, Liaison, Parliamentary and County Affairs, Cultural Diplomacy, Public Affairs and Communication, Protocol Directorate, Directorate of International Conferences and Events, Office of the Chef De Cabinet, and Foreign Service Academy.